Monday, July 20, 2015

A Lot of Fun

Mountain View, Missouri          High 90 Low 72

It rained almost all night. It was really humid and a lot of the sites had puddles in them when we got up this morning.

When we left part of the way we followed the Mississippi River and a lot of the way looked flooded.

We were going to be within 2 miles of Lambert’s Cafe so we decided to stop for lunch. We got there at about 11:30. There was plenty of room for us to park and when we went in, the line waiting to be seated wasn’t too bad. When we left, the line went clear outside. We have been to Lambert’s before and still like going there. We both ordered the fried chicken and we had enough sides to have enough chicken left for 2 more meals each. If you leave Lambert’s hungry, it your own fault! We had a lot of fun catching the rolls that they threw clear across the room at us. The man throwing the rolls told me nice catch when I caught a roll he threw from the other side of the large dining room. The pass arounds are very good. We spent about an hour and a half at Lambert’s.
The picture above is the line when we went in, the one below as we left.

He threw rolls from under the hot rolls sign to the back of the room.

Sometimes they came by and gave a little toss.

The rolls are huge.

We continued on our way to Mountain View, Missouri and are staying at the Ozark Mountain Spring RV Park with Passport America. We will only be here for tonight and then are continuing on to Oklahoma.

I forgot to talk about one of the display at the Quilt Museum. It was a lot of 1800’s quilts. The oldest was 1830. All were handmade and a lot of the patterns we almost the same log cabin pattern still used today. Some of them you could see wear, but after 150 years that is to be expected. One of them had the bottom corners cut off and the sign said it was made to fit a four poster bed. We liked the National Quilt Museum and if you have any interest in quilting and are ever in the Paducah area, I would recommend it as a stop.

 Thanks for visiting.

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