Friday, July 10, 2015

Blanchard Springs

Mountain View, Arkansas              High 92 Low 70

Today was very warm and humid. It was a nice sunny day, which added to the heat.

This morning we went into town and stopped at one of the quilt stores in town. The people there were very nice to talk to and Cindy was able to get what they call a Row by Row pattern. It is a row designed by each participating store all across the US and Canada. It goes until sometime in September. I guess we will have to watch closer.
This is not the Row by Row.
Afterward we came back to the RV Park and got Penny and drove up the mountain to Blanchard Springs Recreation Area. We decided not to do the Cavern tour because we have seen it a long time ago. We did drive to the walk where the water comes out of the mountain. It is about a quarter mile walk into the spring. Cindy had to wait a while to get a good picture of the water coming out of the mountain because there were so many people taking their pictures by the waterfall. She was finally successful. It was a lot cooler there than here.

There are two of these old looking bridges at the parking area of the springs.

Nice walkway to the springs.

There is a lot of water coming out of the mountain and it look clean, but there is a sign that says because of all the pollution in the water, not to drink it.

When we came back we took Penny down to the creek. Cindy wanted to try to get her used to the water and put her in, but Penny would have none of it and kept getting out of the water. She was getting dirty and needed a bath, so when we got back to the trailer, Penny got a bath. She looks and feels a lot softer now.

Tomorrow we are going into town to see some other sights the lady at the quilt shop told us about.

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