Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Loretta Lynn Ranch

Hurricane Mills, Tennessee                High 95 Low 73

Yesterday we drove from Mountain View, Arkansas to Blytheville, Arkansas. The GPS showed we would arrive at the RV Park at 1:30. The only problem we had with that was after we got off the secondary roads on to a main Highway we ran into road construction. We came upon a flagman with 6 vehicles ahead of us. Then they proceeded to let three of the cars go and stopped everyone else. There was no traffic coming through from the other direction. And yet we waited, and waited, and waited. We were close enough to see the flagman and he talked on his radio once in a while, but there was no traffic moving. Keep in mind that it was 95 degrees with 60% humidity. We sat there for 45 minutes before they finally moved some cones and opened the lane to traffic. When we finally got going the line behind us was at least a mile long. Some of the cars had given up and turned around, but I didn’t have that as an option.

We finally got to the RV Park at about 2:30. It was called Grizzly’s RV Park which we found on Passport America. It didn’t have much in the way of amenities, but the whole park was level, clean and the grass was freshly mowed. It did have 50 amp power, which was a good thing, because the AC’s never once shut off, even all night. For $14.00, I don’t know how much they made on us. Like I said, it was pretty plain, but the staff was friendly and it was a good place to stay for the night.
The only pictures I got were of a Cardinal that was sitting on a wire, chirping.

We left Blytheville this morning and drove to Hurricane Mills. We had read about Loretta Lynn’s Ranch and with all the museums and other things not too far away, we decided to stay here a few days.

The Park doesn’t have a lot a lot of people here and we were told to take our pick of sites. It rained some and Thunderstorms are forecast for later this afternoon, so we are just hanging out this afternoon. There is lots of thunder going on right now.

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