Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Dick Clark American Bandstand Theater

The Dick Clark American Bandstand Theater
Branson, Missouri                     High 75 Low 66

The TV last night said that this part of the country has been going through a drought. Well, not any more. The prediction for today is heavy rain all day and tonight until at least 7 AM tomorrow. There are flash flood warnings all over the state.

Yesterday we went to see the show Legends in Concert. It consisted of various entertainers dressed like various famous singers.

We especially liked all the memorabilia in the lobby and seeing some of the contracts the singers had with Dick Clark. One of them only got $110.00 to perform on American Bandstand back in 1958. By 1975 the fee had gone up to $371.00. I’m afraid I don’t see any of today entertainers working for such a small amount, but maybe they were on American Bandstand before they were rich and famous.

The singers were very good although I hadn’t heard some of the originals. At the end of the show one announcement said that the Elvis impersonator was the world champion Elvis impersonator and he sounded just like Elvis when he sang. The others were good, but I wasn’t as familiar with their singing as I was with some of Elvis’ songs.

Sorry that some of these pictures are not very clear, but it was hard to get any better when they are moving around and we couldn't use flash.

We had an enjoyable afternoon and are going to see one more attraction today before we leave Branson.

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  1. This performance just got added to my Branson list. I just have to figure out how to get there around doctor appointments.

  2. We were there last week. Stayed at the Branson COE and got to see the Legends for free....great show!