Saturday, July 11, 2015

Relaxing Day

Mountain View, Arkansas             High 92 Low 72

Nice day today, but it was a little warm for us, especially with 60% humidity.

We drove into town to see a few things we had been told about. The first stop was the County Library that was holding  a book sale. I picked up a couple of books for a quarter each.

We then drove to the City Park. We had been told that when you first drove up you would wonder why we should even stop. It turned out that there was an amphitheater build of stone that faced a rock bridge with a small waterfall. On the other side of the small creek is a stage. It was a nice relaxing place.

Cindy liked this leaf in the water.
Last night on HGTV we watched a show about a nurse that wanted a small house she could move around. The reason we watched it was the small houses were built in Mountain View. After we left the Park we drove by the small house builder’s place that was on the show. So we had to stop and check it out. I wondered, while we were watching the show, why she didn’t look at a small RV, but to each their own. She did put it in an RV Park in Denver, but the one she bought was too large for her to move herself.

These kids liked to pet Penny while she was in her bag.

We next stopped at an old Country Store called Mellon’s. It was interesting to see all of the old time things in the store. They even had a man playing a guitar.

When we got back to the RV Park, Cindy has wanted to get in the creek, so we went down and got wet for a while. Except she got talking to the other ladies in the water, they told her that they have been watching some Copper Heads and have had Water Moccasins swim by. She is afraid of snakes, so that ended being in the creek.

Penny still wouldn't get into the water.
We got to see some crayfish a man had caught. They looked like small lobsters to me.

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  1. I can tell you I would have beat everybody out of the water. I wouldn't have been in there in the first place - I'm with Penny.