Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Down Day

Afton, Oklahoma              High 88 Low 72

The weather report today called for rain starting at about 10:00, which was changed to 1:00 and kept getting later and later. We finally got some rain at about 9:00 tonight.  Because of the prediction, we decided to stay and finish two of the quilts Cindy had started. We were able to finish them, but we didn’t go anywhere. Hopefully we will be able to go sight seeing tomorrow.

We didn’t get any pictures today, so I am going to put some more Precious Moments pictures on the post tonight. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Day one and two.
 These show the days of creation.
Day 3 and 4
Day 5 and 6.

The seventh day and the Garden of Eden.

Moses getting drawn out of the river.

Daniel in the lion's den.

 We liked all the stained glass.

The angel at Christ's tomb.

Outside view of some of the stained glass.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. That's a special place on this earth...!

  2. When I read yesterday about you visiting Precious Moments I was so happy that you had pulled off the highway. When I lived in Arkansas and mom and dad lived in Kansas City area we drove by there many times...finally stopped once when mom and dad told us that loved the place when they decided to pull off during one of their trips coming down to visit me. Later when I remarried, I just had to take Marcia there and she just loved it too. A great place, nice people, and lots and lots of Precious Moments!