Thursday, July 16, 2015

Loretta Lynn

Hurricane Mills, Tennessee            High 91 Low 72

We went to see the Loretta Lynn home and museums. Unfortunately, They don’t allow pictures inside, so all we could do was get lots of pictures outside.

We were told that Loretta Lynn and her husband bought the whole town of Hurricane Mills. It wasn’t a very large town, but there still is a US Post Office that is open until noon.

There is a replica of the home where she was born in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky. The Museum is an 18,000 foot building and holds a lot of her memorabilia. They even have the bus she tours in.


We were told she is part Indian, so there is a collection of arrowheads and other Indian things along with this statue of an Indian.

Here home is built to look like a southern mansion, with large columns in front.

The grist mill, which also houses the gift shop, and her doll collection, also has the old original Post Office.

There is a large barn with several horses near her home.

We found this old barn on a dirt road that said Old Highway 13. We also liked the tree stump.

Near the office where we came into the Park, there is an old homestead that we were allowed to take pictures inside. Across the highway there is a country store with lots more autographed photos from lot of famous people, other singers, movie stars and even some politicians.

Last night, at the common area of the RV Park, we were entertained by a singer performing lots of famous country sons. He told us he would be there again tonight.

Today we plan on seeing the Patsy Cline Memorial, which isn’t too far from here.

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  1. Jim got to meet Patsy Cline back in Virginia. He would love to see her Memorial so we're looking forward to your pictures tomorrow. I've always like Loretta Lynn. Campground entertainment - how fun.