Friday, July 24, 2015

Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees

Afton, Oklahoma                High 97 Low 75

It was way hot today. We heard on the TV that it was the equivalent of 113 degrees. Too hot for us.

This morning we got invited to go for a boat ride on the lake from a couple in the RV Park, Scott and Brenda. We went with them and their daughter and 4 dogs and Penny for a cruise on the lake.
He took us by some very large boats and covered slips at one of the Yacht Clubs. He told us that the larger slips rent for up to $1000.00 per month. He also told us that this Lake is one of only a few that allows ownership right to the water. He pointed out one that was for sale for a mere 1.9 million dollars.

There are several floating restaurants on the Lake.

There are many that look like palaces and Scott told us that a bricklayer he knows spent two years laying brick on one of the large homes. He also told us that someone had bought a home on the Lake for 625,000 dollars and then tore it down for the view for his existing home. It must be nice to have that much money.

This is the home that took the bricklayer 2 years to lay the bricks and rock.

This home and about 3 others had wave walls going into the Lake to stop waves against their property.
For the Fourth of July, two large barges are brought in to shoot firework from. Scott said there are about 500 boats anchored around the barges.

We also saw a police boat while we were out. There are very strict speed laws on the Lake and they are enforced.

We spent a nice couple of hours on the lake.

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