Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fort Macleod Day 5 continued and Day 6

Lethbridge, Alberta

Continuation of yesterday’s blog.

We had a picnic lunch at Head-Smashed-In, then off to Fort Macleod. Walking around town we learned that Fort Macleod was founded in 1874, with the arrival of the North West Mounted Police. The town experienced three periods if building growth and development: (1) The settlement at the original island site from 1874 until 1882. (2) Relocation to the present site during the 1880’s flooding. (3) Growth stimulated by the construction of the Canadian pacific railway Crowsnest Line beginning in 1897.

Still in use after 110 years.

Fort Macleod’s main street buildings are interesting.

Almost all of the buildings have different uses than original.

Most of the old buildings date form 1903 to 1905.

In the autumn of 1874 the North West Mounted police established their first headquarters west of Ottawa, Fort Macleod.  It now houses a wide variety of artifacts representing Native culture, the Mounted police and pioneering and ranching themes.

Inside the old church on the fort grounds.

I thought this stained glass was interesting.

How would you like to have a foot operated dentist's drill today?

I liked the sod roof on the original building in the fort compound.

This is a picture of the original Hotel. When it burned down the hotel above was built in it's place. Below are some of the rules of the old hotel. I especially like "When guests find themselves or their baggage thrown over the fence, they may consider  that they have received notice to quit."

Also interesting "Meals served in own rooms will not be guaranteed in any way. Our waiters are hungry and not above temptation."

                                                              The towns namesake.

Ray being generous to the world largest piggy bank.

I just like the bead work and gloves!

We thought it was an interesting place to visit.

 We spent a quite day at the campground.  Took a few short walks and did a little quilting.

I guess that's it for the day. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Looks like you're having a good time exploring our neighbor to the north.

  2. That dentist's chair brings back painful memories as a kid. :(