Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 8, 9

Lethbridge, Alberta

It was a nice day again today. We finally got a picture of the railroad bridge over the Old Man River. It is the highest, longest span of its type in the world. While there are higher bridges, none are as long. There are many places around Lethbridge named after this bridge. They also seem to use it on their logo's and advertising.

Cindy wanted to go look at fabric stores in Lethbridge yesterday. We stopped at 3 of them. Some had some quite nice quilts and patterns. Cindy wanted to buy one of them, but the lady was out of the pattern. After looking at the price they get for material, we wondered how they can possibly sell any fabric. It’s no wonder the Canadian quilters that travel to the US bring lots of fabric home with them. Read about it on Paulette's blog.

We wanted to drive by Fort Whoop up. The lady at the information counter told us they only had 5 buildings finished, so we decided not to go in. From the outside, all you can see is wall. We had seen Fort Macleod, so all the more reason not to go in. The aerial pictures we have seen made it look like a work in progress. It covers a lot of ground, so someday will be outstanding.

This is the railroad bridge over the Old Man River.

On our way to the Bridgeview RV Park, we mistakenly went under this bridge. I didn't know how high 4.1 meters is, but probably missed getting messed up by inches.
More of the bridge

Inside one of the quilt stores.

We are not used to these kind of prices for fabric!

Another quilt shop.

We both liked this quilt.
Friday we decided to do about nothing. We are both getting tired of hanging out at Lethbridge. We will be leaving tomorrow morning for Calgary, where we are staying overnight. We are then reserved to stay at a campground by Rocky Mountain House. We are just a little concerned, as we have been hearing on the news about a fire West of there, with the whole town under evacuation order. We won't be driving through there until next Thursday, so hopefully they get the fire out.

It was kind of a laid back day. Thanks for visiting.

Sorry Judy, I accidentally deleted your comment, but it's not the snakes on the road Cindy's afraid of. We have been hearing on the news that the rattlesnakes are coming out, so what she worries about  is those on the rocky trails. She has told me more than once that the first snake she sees on one of our walks will be the last, because she's headed for the truck.


  1. That is some bridge. Doesn't look like you'll be adding much weight to the rig with fabric prices like those. But you can still look for free.

  2. Happy Mother's Day Mom!

    I see you are doing what you love - Quilting.
    Enjoy your time in Calgary.

    Love Scot

  3. FYI: 14.1 meters converts to 13.5 feet. So enjoying your blog, we traveled to Alaska in 2010 but ended up our trip seeing the places you are seeing now! Absolutely loved the trip!