Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 10

Okotoks, Alberta

We left Lethbridge at about 11:00 and headed toward Calgary. It was a warm, delightful day. We drove through a lot of farm country. We had decided not to travel a long way today, because we wanted to stop and meet up with Don and Glenda Wicks, some friends we had met in Quartzsite.
On the way we drove through the Planet Vulcan…oops, I mean the town of Vulcan. Because of their name they are big Star Trek fans. As you can see from the pictures, they even have a small model Starship Enterprise. We didn't know about the visitor center, but later found out; they have a huge Star Trek display, where you can dress up like your favorite Star Trek character and get your picture taken. Oh well, maybe another time.

Don't I make a good Captain Kirk?

We got fuel and by the time we got hold of Glenda, and decided on a place to meet it was 2:00.We got fuel here because it is cheaper here than in BC. Don asked us if we would like to see some of the country around Okotoks, and we said sure. He took us up Highway 22 toward Elbow Falls. There is a small town that has an ice cream store, and had some really good ice creams cones.
 We then went up the canyon to Elbow Falls. It must be a popular place for picnicking and hiking, as the parking lot was almost full, and cars we parked on the main road for about ½ mile before the parking lot. Don was able to find a space near the trail head, so we didn't have very far to the trail.  The falls and river are really pretty, and I would guess when all the trees are in leaf it is beautiful. At the bottom of the falls there are some large caverns that have been cut by the running water.
After we left Elbow falls, we went back on a different route than we came in on. There was more beautiful countryside. We went past a small town that, the sign said, was where southern Alberta’s oil drilling got started in 1914. After that we came to a place where there are a couple of large stones with several smaller stones in close proximity. The sign said they were from glacial activity, and the stones were the same material as the mountains around Jasper. They had been carried by Glaciers a long way. There was a story about an Indian who rested upon the rock. To give thanks, the Indian gave his blanket to the rock. It started to rain, and the Indian wanted his blanket back, but the rock said no. The Indian took it anyway, so the rock chased the boy to the site of where the rock is today. (Blackfoot Legend) I’ll let you decide which version to believe.
Don and Glenda are helping run a campground in Okotoks for the summer, and they invited us to go with them to their 5er for hamburgers and salad. We had a good time visiting with them and didn’t get back to our rolling home until after 9:00.

Don, myself, Glenda

Cindy and I

 These are the Falls and river.

One of the viewing spots.

The Elbow Falls from further back.

Some of the landscape.

The large Glacial Rocks.

Don helping me with the map.

Sitting around the camp fire.

 I had called the Bishop of the nearby church and asked him if we could park in their parking lot, and he told me it would be OK as long as we didn't block parking after 10:30 am. We debated about parking at Wal-Mart and walking to church, but it is about a mile away, so we parked in the church parking lot for the night (home is where you park it). I will move the truck and trailer about 2 blocks away to the rec center before church starts, and will walk back to church. It was a quiet night with no problems.

Thanks for visiting.
Fuel 233.00...$1.129 per liter=about $4.30 per gallon.


  1. Oops! I think you misplaced the point of the price /gallon. ;)

    1. You are right. $4.30 per gallon. (more of that sticker shock I talk about on Day 11)