Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 18 and 19

Day 18:  Drive from Dawson City to closed Prophet River Wayside Provincial Park.

We left Dawson City around 6:30.

We didn't post on Day 18 because no internet.

We drove 217 miles today. I was reading the Milepost Book as Ray drove.  I was glad that Ray was doing the driving today there were 6 to 9 percent winding downgrades with a lot of road damage signs.  You always take the signs seriously. One of the downgrades can be seen in the picture of the Peace River Bridge.  The bridge is the longest water span on the Alaskan Highway.  Bridging the Peace River was one of the first goals of Alaska Highway engineers in 1942.

The scenery is green and beautiful. We did go through a stretch were the pine beetle has killed a lot of the pine trees.  That is sad when you think that so many people depend on the logging industry.

Our stop for the night as I said was a permanently closed park. The access road crosses an airstrip, originally an emergency airstrip on the Northwest Air Staging Route. We pulled in at noon, had lunch and then relaxed by a fire.  There were about 25 campers here when we arrived and by 2:30 they were all gone. The May long weekend is over, today is Victoria Day in Canada. It's nice to stop and smell the Pines and not asphalt once in a while. LOL One of the campers told me to be careful and not walk in the woods alone.  There are 4 bears and a wild boar (pig), that was been seen in the campground this week end; one lone bear and then a mother with 2 cubs.  As we walked around the camp ground you can see there have been lots of Elk or Moose in the area. Since we had a fire I asked Ray if we should cook hotdogs tonight. No was the answer, worried about the bears, and besides the mosquitoes are out already, was his answer. I hope to see some animals tonight.  I have all the shades in the camper up and continually look out, maybe in the morning before we leave. One can only hope.

Ray spent some time tightening screws that were loose.  All the screws on the wheel wells needed tightening.

Now it’s time for my gripe. If you look close there are two fires smothering behind Ray.  When the campers left the fires were burning, and they did not even bother to put them out. I kept an eye on them. I cannot believe people are so careless.

 Day 19: We woke up to snow falling. Still no animals. We drove about an hour to Fort Nelson, where we are posting. We hope to stop at Muncho Lake tonight. It's still snowing and is suppose to be rain or snow until noon Wednesday.

Thanks for reading.


  1. We made it to Ft Nelson yesterday ... staying at Triple G Hideaway on west side. Weather report says snow upwards of 8" in the mountains. We're staying put for the day ... Bob & Bonnie

  2. Bears, boars and mosquitoes. Interesting. Sorry you didn't get to see the bears or boars or elk or moose. Keep looking - I'm sure you'll see some before the summer is over.

  3. Looks like we were covering the same ground at the same time. We had lunch at Prophet River on May 20th and then spent the night boondocking at the Muskwa River Bridge just outside of Fort Nelson. The 21st was at Laird Hotspring.