Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 19

10 miles from MunchoLake 

We arrived at Liard River Hot Springs around 3:00 after driving most of the way in the rain. We went over Summit Pass the highest point on the Alaska Highway at 4,250 feet. Ahead and to the west we could see the craggy peaks of the Canadian Rockies and Mount St. George (elev. 7,419

This Lake is known for its deep green and blue waters, which we probably won’t get to see because of the weather. Today we drove from our boondock site to our new boondock site which is a turnout on the highway. We drove about 215 miles. We are almost to the lake. We had snow most of the way and the prediction is saying cloudy and rain until about noon tomorrow. I don’t know how cold it is, but the water dripping off the 5er is freezing. We expect to use a lot of propane tonight.

We finally managed to see some caribou and 2 bighorn sheep today. The sheep were right by the road and didn’t seem to mind us stopping to take their picture. The caribou, on the other hand were very skittish, and ran into the forest as soon as we stopped. There were 2 large swans on one of the lakes. I guess they came north too soon, same as us.

On the way through Fort Nelson we stopped at the Visitor Center, and were told that bad weather is common on the long weekend. Everywhere we go, we are told that it has been a very late spring this year.

At one point of our drive today, Summit Pass, we were in the clouds. As a result, we didn't get to see a lot of what others described as beautiful scenery. I guess since we can’t do anything about the weather, all we can do is go with the flow.

When we stopped for lunch, Cindy boiled water for cups of noodles, and we both had our hands over the pot to get them warm. Our thermostat said 34 degrees inside the 5er. After we stopped for the day, one of our propane tanks finally ran out. When I switched to the other tank, it didn't seem to let enough gas through. I think the regulator on that side is probably frozen. It really is cold.

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