Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 11

Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Yesterday we went to buy some groceries at Safeway. Oh, the sticker shock. The prices here are so high, we don't know how people can afford to live here. Milk was $4.59 per gallon. We were used to buying milk for 2 for $4.00 at Costco. Eggs were $2.89 per dozen. We get eggs at home for $.99 per dozen, and someone had them on for 88 cents just before we left. Maybe if we lived here and didn't know any better, it wouldn't matter. The bad part is it's only going to get worse as we get closer and into Alaska. I'm going to have to quit complaining about all the cans and frozen food Cindy brought with us. I'm glad we both like powdered milk.

Today started out kind of chilly, but soon warmed up. I noticed at one time the outside temperature was 82. We stayed overnight at the church parking lot and moved to the rec center before church started. We went to church and then posted yesterdays blog. We left Okotoks at about 1:30 and drove up highway 22 most of the way. At Rocky Mountain House we took highway 11 for about 6 miles to the turn off for the campground. We are presently at the Wilderness Village RV Park. We had a mostly uneventful drive, except for some bad road which slowed us down. We arrived here at about 5:30. It seems like a very nice RV park. It is huge. I know I'm going to enjoy the free wi-fi. The only bad thing: they have 2 outdoor pools, neither of which are ready to use. They seem to have an unlimited supply of firewood, so we plan on having smoors tomorrow night. From what the security man that let us in, they only turned on the water. The whole Provence has complained about how late spring was this year and how early it got cold, so I guess we are fortunate to have nice weather. We are both hoping it lasts.

One of the highway views after leaving Okotoks.

Lots of farm country.

Another farm view.

The next three pictures ore on our way to Rocky Mountain House.

And here we are set up at Wilderness Village.

I guess that's about it for today. Thanks for visiting. Traveled about 175 miles today.

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  1. Some beautiful countryside you've been driving through. Still a lot of snow left on those mountains. We're up in the triple digits so no snow here (lol).