Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 17

Dawson Creek, British Columbia

We are still at the church parking lot. The wind was blowing enough today that I’m glad we weren’t driving in it. This morning early, we decided to go to the Milepost 0 Monument and take some pictures with us standing by, and in Cindy’s case, on the Monument. We also took some more pictures of the Alaska Highway Arch, The Iron Surveyor, and the old grain elevator. It was a lot better today, because of the time of day, there was no traffic.

The old grain elevator now houses the art store.

After this we went to church. Everyone there seemed so friendly. Cindy and I both had to turn down invitations to dinner tonight. Even so, on the way out someone handed me a sack filled with sandwiches, and said this is for lunch. They were quite tasty.

This afternoon we were going to the Laundromat to do some laundry, and found out the machines were $5.00 each. We had two loads, and with drying it would have been $20.00. We decided to wait until we had hook-ups and do it in our 5er. We felt like the $20.00 goes a long way toward a night in an RV park.
Dawson Creek as viewed from one of the hills.

After that we went back toward Grand Prairie to a town called Pouce Coupe to see an old wooden Train Trestle. It was built in 1930, and from the shiny tracks, I guess it still is in use today.

For those that will be following behind us, we found out the RV dump at Canadian Tire is closed permanently. There is a free one at Mile 0 RV Park, which is about 2 miles up the Alaska Highway.
Right next to the RV campground is an old army outpost, with only one building remaining.

Used to be a  complex.

At about Mile 17 there is a Provincial Park with about 5 miles of the old Alaska Highway going past it. There is still an old arched wooden Bridge that was built in 1942. You can still drive over it and it appears to be in excellent condition for a 70 year old bridge.

Right by the Bridge.

 We had read that the mileages from historic to actual were not the same, and found out why. The old highway was considerably windier than the new section, which for the 5 miles or so we drove, the newer highway probably cut off about 2 miles.

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  1. Been following right along--enjoying your posts -- keep it up --

  2. WOW...$20 for two loads is ridiculous!

    I like the sign post...Fairbanks...1523 miles to go...egads.

  3. It's hard to believe you're already at the 0 mile marker. We have found through our travels that members of the church in smaller wards or branches really are amazingly friendly.