Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 12

Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Today we decided to pretty much just hang out. The day is a little on the cool side with mostly cloudy conditions. I decided to check on the fire at Nordegg, and it seems it has flared up some. We hope it gets put out some before we have to travel through there on Thursday.

Cindy wanted to take her sewing machine outside on the picnic table this morning. She worked on a black and white quilt she has been sewing. Together we finished up our last quilt block of the month. Five months late isn't too bad is it?

Airplanes and helicopters have been flying over the campground all day. The planes look like firefighting planes, and I think they are probably fighting the fire in Nordegg. I tried to get a photo of the large tanker plane but have been too slow because of all the trees around here. There is a lake close by and they probably are getting water.

We took a walk through part of the campground, and have seen many tags on the sites that say 3 year site. Most have 5ers parked on them. We asked one man about them. He said that for $8,000.00 you could have your own site for the next 3 years. There is also about $650.00 in yearly maintenance fees. This is a bit rich for my tastes. Also there are sites you can adopt for one year. He said they were only about $2,000.00. Still a little bit too much, considering we were told this park had 7 months of winter this past year. But only a little. LOL The maintenance men are busy getting ready for Alberta's long weekend. Seem like a lot going on. From what we were told coming in yesterday, the water has only been turned on the last couple of days. The park expects a lot of visitors for Victoria Day. We still are a little concerned about where we will stay this weekend, as we have no reservations until June 29. But we seem pretty good at winging it. After all home is where you park it.

Our trailer from a distance.

One of the campground roads.

There really is a large noisy plane behind these trees.
 I guess that's it for the day. Thanks for visiting.

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