Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 15 Highway 11/93 to Jasper to Hinton, Alberta

Hinton, Alberta

This morning the temperature was down to a chilly 28 Degrees. Diesel at the gas station where we were figured at about $6.53 per gallon. I was sure glad we didn't have to buy any. 

We ran into a couple from Wisconsin heading to Alaska in their truck camper. They are Bob and Bonnie. We first met them at Lake Louise and crossed their path several times today on the way to Jasper.

Another GREAT day on the road. Today we traveled 141 miles.  I have been reading The Milepost book as Ray drives.  This book is definitely a must for your travels to Alaska.  It was a long day because we stopped at several turnouts and attractions.

We stopped at the Columbia Ice field, but did not go on the glacier.  We did that on our honeymoon and decided not go to the glacier this time.  The Interpretive Center was closed; I think we are a little early in the season for some attractions.

Here I am with the Royal Canadian Stuffed Bear and Royal Canadian Stuffed Moose.

Another attraction that we stopped at was the Sunwapta Falls. The pictures can give you a sense of the falls better than I could describe.

Had lunch in Jasper and walked around town.  The picture of the train reminds us of the train ride that Ray and I took from Vancouver to Calgary.

The Jasper Information Center

Animal sittings:  bear, bighorn sheep, elk and deer--- great animal sittings today. As you can see from this chart that was posted at the Jasper information center we feel lucky to have seen a bear today and yesterday.

Lucky shot

Ray filled up with gas at Hinton. For those of you that are traveling behind us diesel was $1.149 a liter.

Tonight was another boondocking night at Wal-Mart, us and about 12 other campers. Our solar is working great and there really is no need to pay for hookups. There is an Interpretive Park right next to Wal-Mart, so Ray and I were able to take a nice walk in the woods. Another advantage is that Mickey D's is only a short walk for wi-fi.

I liked this mural.

When I was reading blogs I was always interested in the cost. So here is ours so far:
               Diesel $748.00
               Entertainment $36
               Dinning $18
               Campsites $13
               Internet $7.50

Food and miscellaneous item form Wal-Mart $50 (since leaving home)
 If you are planning this trip, take as much food with you as you can.  Everything is very expensive.

Yesterday’s pictures have been posted. I took over 200 pictures today, Ray picked the pictures for t  today's blog.

The “end” of another terrific day.  (Thanks Judy
 for the idea, I hope you don’t mind me copying it.) Thanks for following along.

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  1. Glad to meet you two ... we're in Hinton tonight ... heading towards Grand Prairie tomorrow ... hope to see you in Alaska.