Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yesterday was a very informative day.  We went to a boondocking seminar,and leaned a lot. One thing that caught my interest was when you shower before you get in, catch the cold water in a pan, so it can be reused.  We did that, and used the same water for several things; I cooked leftover spaghetti in a bag and then used the hot water to do dishes. Water is a precious commodity and needs to be used sparingly. There are several other tips that I am not willing to do yet.

Boomerville is growing; today there are almost 100 rigs.  Here is a picture of last night’s happy hour and Ray at the goodies table.

We had a women’s circle and we told a little about ourselves.  People were fascinated that I use to be a School Transportation Specialist and followed school buses all over the state of Utah.

Today we went to the Desert Saloon. We caravanned to Parker. You turn off a little north of Parker on about five miles of rough road. It really is quite the place. It is totally solar operated and only open on weekends from about noon till six. It only opens from October to April. The Nellie E. Saloon (Desert Bar) is situated in the Buckskin Mountains on land that was an old mining camp.  The camp was located on the portion of land that is now the parking lot.  The tall structures you see on the property are cooling towers .I didn't know what to expect, so when we almost got there, I was surprise to see how many vehicles we going there. There was quite a crowd. We decided to get the Philly cheese steak sandwich and fries. They were pretty good. There were quite a few old car and trucks around the property, including a model A Ford pick-up with an Arizona 1931 license plate. There was also what looked like an old fire truck. The battery pack for the solar was probably 10 feet wide and 6 feet high, and had lots of solar panels

Everyone said the you needed to take pictures of the women's restroom, so here they are. The restroom is on the side of a rock formation and the other side is opened to this view.  The stall doors are metal and very heavy.  Enough about a restroom!

Metal doors


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