Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quiet Sunday

Sunday, January 13, 2013
Sorry about not posting yesterday. It was so cold, that we mostly stayed inside all day. We did manage a short walk, about a mile.  We went to the Boomer’s daily get together held about 4:00. It was so cold that everybody started to go back to their rigs after about a half hour. One good thing was that we learned about a new app, just what Ray needs, a new app to play with! I have to admit that this app does sound good, it is a history app, called History Here (and it is free).  Today’s social lasted longer—no wind. Everyone is very friendly and more than willing to help us newbies.

Last night two more rigs arrived.  Soon the area will be filled.  There are a lot of activities planned. Some of the events are: chili cook-off, pancake breakfast, and a trip to the Desert Bar located out in the middle of the desert. We were told that it was a must see. We will have our coke.

There are now about 20 rvs at the Boomers area. There are two places with Boomers one with all solar and the other with solar and generators.  We are in the combined solar and generators area.

Today not much is going on, church and a drive into Parker to the Wal-Mart and for more propane. Last night it was 30 degrees, better than home. There it was 2 degrees. Tonight home will be -5 degrees.  I’m glad that we are at Quartzsite.  Friday the temperature here will greatly improve up to 70 degrees.

We had lunch at Burger King so Ray could get his internet fix and catch up on all the blogs that he follows.

There is a new gadget I would like to share.  It is perfect for reading or for sewing.  It is called the HUGlight. We found ours at Costco.  They come in a package of two.  It was perfect to read in bed and not use the 5er’s power.  What I really like about it is that I can turn mine off and roll over and Ray can continue to read without the light bothering me.

                                                 Here is the view outside our dinning window. 

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