Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trip to Quartzsite

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
First thing this morning, we went to a pancake breakfast. They had a CARE bottle for donations, which brought in $22.00. They said that wasn't bad, considering how few people showed up.
It’s still cold here, but warming up a little bit.
 Today we went into Quartzsite to order Escapee and boomer name tags. We walked through the flea market area and looked at all the stuff (didn't buy anything). There are sure lots of rocks and gems for sale. A lot of the booths are not open yet, I guess they’re waiting until the tent show starts. Still lots of people.  We also filled up one of our propane bottles. While we were there, we checked out where to dump our holding tanks.


Entering Boomerville.

There now are about 50 rigs in Boomerville.

We came back in time to go to the 4:00 gathering. They had all the newbies stand up and introduce and tell a little about themselves. There were quite a few more people that went to it yesterday. It was warmer and not so windy as it has been (bring on the 70 degrees we are promised for later in the week). They gave each of the first timers to Boomerville newbie beads, which we are supposed to wear all week. It was nice to meet one of the bloggers we were following, Laurie Brown and Odel King (Semi-True Tales of Our Life on the Road.

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