Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monday and Tuesday AM

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Sorry about not posting, but our internet connection is very spotty or nonexistent. I will post several when I can. Monday at 9:00 we had a large orientation with the geocachers. They really try to help the newbies. I guess they want everyone involved. One person has over 10,000 geocache finds. I have 9 that I have logged in. I’m afraid I’m not as dedicated as they are.

Doesn't she look Cold!

Everyone bundled up!

 They had what they called ground Zero, for which they posted the co-ordinances. They also have two caches dedicated to the founder of the geocache BOF. I was able to find ground zero, which now has lots of marker spread out in about a 10 foot circle. 

The one named Arlo 2 was a little hard to find, not because of where it is placed, but because of size. I was about to give up, when one of the more experienced geocachers helped me located it. It is about the size of a persons thumb. Arlo 1 was larger and easier to spot. The wind was about 11 mph and it was cold. They cancelled some of the seminars because of the cold. Cindy went for a walk by herself and was soon back to the 5er to get warm.

Can you see it?

Arlo 1

We had happy hour at 4:30, with more goodies. If this keeps up, I’m going to have to go on a diet when we leave here. I just can’t seem to resist. At 7:00 about 15 newbies went to Cool Judy’s motor-home for what they called geocaching 101. It lasted until 9:00 and a lot of good information was presented. Thanks Luke and Judy.

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