Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quilting Day

It is still cold and so we stayed inside most of the time. Everyone is bundled up.

 The day turned into a quilting day. I finished another quilt top.  One more top done for Christmas. When we get home Ray will quilt it. The pattern was a free pattern that I down loaded from the internet.  

During my retirement party Larry (School Finance Director for the Office of Education), who retired about 6 months before I did, gave me a piece of advice. He told me not to try to get everything done at once, you are retired and you do not have to be of the mindset where there is a limited time frame to accomplish what needs to be done or what you want to get done in a day, as when you were working.  There is always tomorrow. I need to take his advice.
 I finished one quilt have another one almost done and two books read. (I have been retired for 15 days.  It still feels like a vacation and I need to get everything done before I go back to work.)

Here is the finished quilt top except for the boarders around the edges.

There are more rigs in today. They are saying that there are five more than this time last year. Before it was over last year, someone said that there were about 139 rigs at Boomerville. At the 4:00 o’clock get together more people braved the cold wind.

We learned a new game; we were invited over to play Pegs and Jokers.  It was fun and it sounds like it is a popular game with this crowd. It is a combination of cards and a board game, similar to Sorry with our dice.

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