Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Today was kind of a sit back and relax day. We started out with a blueberry pancake breakfast with the Boomers. They were mighty tasty.  One of the boomers had a cordless drill with a mixing beater blade. How ingenious.

 On the way there, Cindy finally took a picture of what looks like a power and water hook-up. When we came in, we both wondered how they got the only hook-up in the whole area. We later found out it was fake. It sure looks real. What do you think? Yes, we are newbies and we couldn't figure out how there was one hook-up so far from everything.

One of the Boomers has a power hang-glider. It was warm enough for him to be buzzing around taking pictures. I would like to see them. We were told that he will post them on his website for all to download. When that happens, we will try to post them. Boomerville sure has grown and more are coming in every day. There are now about 68 rigs.  

We took our 5er to town to dump holding tanks and fill with water. After that we went to get the parts to finish my heater project. We got the parts in time to stop at the Escapee happy hour. We listened to more county music and snacked. Then we went back to Boomerville and I finally finished up the heater just in time for the Boomer happy hour. Guess what, more snacks.

We decided to take a walk to walk off some of the calories. We probably walked two miles, and I’m a little sore (too much sitting around). 

Cindy finished another quilt top today. If she keeps it up, she will run out of projects.

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