Friday, January 11, 2013

Made It To Quartzsite

Friday, January 11, 2013
Last night we were trying to put pictures on our blog and still couldn't get them on. I got tired of trying with no results, so I email Rick Doyle. After several emails, he suggested I load Goggle Chrome and see if we could get them to load, as he had cases of Internet Explorer and Google not working with each other. As soon as it was installed, the missing button was there and we could load pictures. I admit to being a greenhorn at this blog stuff, and Rick was a real lifesaver. He also told me that the word verification was on and how to turn it off. I really couldn't have made it without him. If you don’t already read his blog, check it out at Rick & Paulette’s RV Travels.
Our day today started normally, me on the computer drinking my Mountain Dew. Cindy plugged in the electric grill to cook pancakes. We had two electric heaters going and the fireplace. All at once we lost electric power and everything shut down. I checked the incoming power and the power into the inverter. Everything checked out ok. So, then I took out one of my shelves in the basement and checked the transfer switch. Still ok.  Finally I started to look at the inverter, and found a reset I had forgotten about. When I pushed it, we had our power back. We decided that we had too much going for the reset.
 We left Boulder City at about 11:00 and finally headed for Quartzsite. I set the GPS for somewhere in Lake Havasu and went on our way. We got about 50 miles past Kingman and decided that we had gone the wrong way. When we pulled over and reset Mabel (my Garmin GPS) we found out we had added an extra 100 miles to our trip, so instead of arriving at 3:00, we arrived just after 5:00. Cindy gave me a bad time about my mistake, because she says I usually set Mabel from our house to Orem, which is about 30 miles. She was laughing at the time, so it was all in fun.

We were wondering how to find the Boomers, and I had written down the co-ordinates, but couldn't load them into Mabel. I had also looked on Google Earth and had written down directions. We were about to give up and go back to where we had seen Escapees. We pulled into where we thought they were, and asked someone if he knew where they were. His reply was: you are lost. He then laughed and said we had found them.
So here we are for the next 2 weeks. 

Thanks Von for the Sparkling Apple Drink

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