Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spent the day at Boomerville

Tuesday, January 22,2013

Sunday we went to church. We went to the pancake breakfast before and were teased about how overdressed we were for breakfast. They all said they had never seen anyone that dressed up at Boomerville before. There was almost standing room at church, and they said in the summer there are only six families.
We had happy hour at 4:00 and had heavy hors d'oeuvres, which were a lot to eat. For us that was dinner. If I don’t watch it I might lose my trim figure. That is a joke from a fat old guy. All these goodies and afternoon snacks can’t be good for me! But, oh well, somebody has to do it. Because Cindy has to watch her sugar, she will take one bite, and I get the rest. I usually get double portions.

Monday we went into the big tent. There was almost everything you could imagine. Not all of it was RV related. Good thing the ring Cindy liked didn’t fit her. We did sign up for Passport America at a reduced price with six months thrown in free. We do like a good deal and were going to get Passport America when we got home, before going to Alaska. We also bought Good Sam towing, which was one of the things we wanted for our trip north. We left the big tent show about $180.00 lighter. The parking was a
madhouse. Good thing I was told about parking west of the tent. The crowds in the tent were almost too many. We also got some information about Canada for our trip to Alaska

 We got back to Boomerville just in time for the pot luck dinner. Pam and Steve invited us to sit at their table. Cool RVers, Judy and Luke were also there. The food was great, and the company better. We talked about going to Alaska this summer, and Judy asked if I would like some literature about Canada and Alaska. Sure I told her. Little did I know it was 30 pounds of literature. We have our reading for our trip cut out for us.

Today we had breakfast, and then went to a self-defense on the road seminar. During the seminar Steve stressed “be aware of your surroundings”. He said if you don’t feel comfortable somewhere, leave. He suggested caring a money clip with $20.00 on the outside with a couple of ones inside. If you are robbed, throw the money clip and run the other way. He was very adamant about never, never go somewhere with a mugger. When they want you to go with them, it is no longer about the money, but about you. They want to harm or kill you. He wasn’t big about guns because he said that most people won’t do what needs to be done with a gun, and oftentimes the gun is taken away and used on the person that originally had the gun. It was a good seminar. Afterword, there was a chili cook-off. There were 25 entrants. After the judging, everyone got to eat a late lunch with the chili and other stuff people brought. I, as usual, ate too much.


 Boomerville Monday

Judging the chili

Tonight we are having a slide show on the slabs, after which they will show The Long Trailer (Lucille Ball and Desie Arnes). It has been a really good day.

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