Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another day in Quartzsite

January 26, 2013
Thursday afternoon there was a show and tell. Cindy took her quilts and my snap bags to show. One lady had samples of polymer clay, which were quite striking. Cindy thinks that might be fun, but I don’t think she needs any more hobbies. There was one polished stone wrapped with long pine needles that was beautiful.
They gave the CARE auction results at happy hour. They took in $3278.00 with the wine sales, all of which goes to the CARE (Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees) in Livingston, Texas. Everyone here in Boomerville seems to be quite generous.

Friday morning we decided to go back to the big
 tent and help the economy a little. I wanted to change some of the locks from the dreaded 751 locks to something safer. Cindy has had her eye on some cookware (Kitchen Craft) for quite a while, and so she bought one 10” skillet. She says her mother has had a set for about 40 years and they hold up well. After word we went to La Mesa RV for their free lunch, which they do every day. It was good, and in spite of the long line, it moved quickly. They give free breakfast and lunch every day except Sundays. We probably will try it again another day

After lunch we went to see some of the sights of Quartzsite. First Celia’s Rainbow Garden, which is a memorial to Celia, a young girl who passed away and many others.

 Next we went to the naked book seller’s. He is naked except for a strategic sock, and yesterday he was wearing a sweater because of the wind. Cindy wouldn't let me take her picture with him, and didn't take his picture. So, she took a picture of the sign instead.

 Next we went to the Hi Jolly Memorial. It is called that because the people couldn't pronounce his Arabic name. In 1856 the army experimented with using camels in the area for pack animals, and it probably worked, except the sight of the camels scared the horses, mules and cattle, so it was abandoned and the camels were turned loose to fend for themselves.  

We got back to Boomerville in time for happy hour, where they again announced the results of the auction. We sang happy birthday to Gordon, one of the Boomers. It had started to rain a little bit and we decided to watch a movie. It rained all night and doesn't look like it will let up all day today. The only thing we have planned for today is a trip to Silly Al’s Pizza this afternoon with some of the Boomers.    

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