Thursday, January 10, 2013

On To Boulder City, Nevada

Thursday January 10, 2013

Today we went to the estate sale.  It was every bit as good as Patrick said it was. He is the owner of A1 Estate Sales in Salt Lake. We see him so often, that he really treats us well. One of the things that caught Cindy’s eye was quite a large set of Lennox Holiday china. It really complements the set of it she already has. There are numerous serving pieces, lot of plates and cups. Then there was the problem of getting it home. While she was thinking about it, we found what turned out to be another large assortment of paper and kitchen supplies. Patrick finally told us that if we bought the Lennox, he would haul it to Salt Lake for us and store it for us until the end of March, when we go home to get ready to go to Alaska, so we took him up on it.

Our stash!!!

After that, we went back to the bus garage to visit with Launie and Jackie. Launie invited us to go to lunch with her, so we took her up on that. We went to Dickie’s BBQ, which we had never been to before. Cindy got the pulled pork and I had the turkey breast. They were both excellent. But the best part of it was visiting with Launie and catching up with each other lives.

 Washington School District's Bus Garage

We left St George at about 1:15 and headed south. It was sure windy to drive coming into Las Vegas. It blew from when we entered the Virgin River narrows. A lot of it was a pretty strong side wind, which made driving kind of difficult. Once we reach Interstate 515, we had the same wind but it was a tail wind, so driving was not as bad. We arrived at the Elks RV park in Boulder City at about 4:00 our time (3:00 their time). It turned out to be a very nice, small RV park. It’s hard to beat for $20.00 a night. It has full 50 amp hook-ups. We may stay here if it’s still blowing tomorrow, otherwise on to Quartzsite.

This is a picture of the Elks campground.


  1. Glad to see you got your photos into your blog o.k.

    Have fun in Quartzsite!

  2. Just a note, Ray, are you aware that your blog has the dreaded double word verification turned on? A lot of bloggers simply won't comment because of the difficulties involved in guessing the 2 words.

    This can be turned off if you want by going to Dashboard > Settings > Posts and Comments then click 'No' for 'Show Word Verification'.