Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yard Sales and Yard Work

Riverton Utah High 68 Low 39

This morning we went to a few yard sales. The first had material for $4.00 per yard. Some of it was nice and Cindy filled a box. As I have said before, you can never have too much fabric. By the way, this is after she said she wanted to go, but wasn't planning on buying fabric just some books. Right.........

We had a few others on our list, but hadn't found anything we had to have. Then the last one. The only reason I wrote down the address was because it was on the way home from the others. Bonanza! When we walked up there was a whole table full of material, and a few boxes full underneath. Cindy was picking out some material, but had no idea how much they wanted for it. After she got almost a box full, the man running the sale came over and asked us if we wanted it all for $40.00. Cindy looked at me as if to ask if we wanted it all because some of it wasn't what she wanted. I'm afraid I hesitated about 1/2 second and said sure. We filled the whole trunk and back seat of the car.After we loaded it all up and got it home we probably have over 100 yards of material for $40.00.

Now she has the job of sorting what she got, and part way through, she found a finished quilt top. It is a very nice top. Now she has the problem of where to put all of today's material. I think it is a nice problem to have. Some of it she will use for scrappy quilts. There was even a whole kit with the pattern.

We went home and unloaded and went to Costco for a few things we needed.

When we got home again, Cindy put me to work digging grass out of her flower beds. Good thing it was a cooler day than it has been, because digging grass is a lot of work. We made a lot of headway, but still have a way to go to get rid of all the grass.

I have my Doctors appointment for next Monday, but because of the insurance, Cindy has to wait until the 20th of May. So it looks like we are going to have to postpone our trip east until then if everything checks out OK. We will probably go somewhere close for a week or so.

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  1. Is there such a thing as a fabric hoarder? I think you two might qualify. But I guess it keeps you home and out of the bars. lol Where are you headed when you get to finally break free?

    1. We're not hoarders, we're STABLE quilters. Stash Total Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy. We will probably head toward the northeast. I have a son in Michigan and we will probably visit them. We are also thinking of the Maritime Provinces.