Saturday, April 26, 2014

This and That

Riverton, Utah High 45 Low 34

The weather has been awful. Yesterday the wind came up after noon and last night there were thundershowers. The rain we got last night was very dirty, but it turned out OK because it has rained all day today and washed the dirt from last night away. Also from above you can see that it has been cold.

Yesterday before all the wind, I went to the County landfill to get a load of mulch. Cindy has been wanting to put mulch on her flower beds, and because I was trying to sell the old truck, we decided yesterday was the day. The truck is the one I drove at work and it has sat for the last year or so.

Inflation has hit even the cost of mulch. I used to be able to get a load that was spilling off the truck for $20.00. Now you get two scoops, which only half fills the truck, and the price is $30.00. We ended unloading it in some of the wind we got yesterday, and it wasn't too pleasant, but we got it done. I would have hated trying to unload mulch with all the rain we got.

I had someone call about the truck and he wanted to come and see it. He liked it and agreed to buy it, so it was good we got the mulch when we did.

Last night the quilt store we like had a free sew night, and we went to it and worked on one of Cindy's quilts. There is always a pot luck and everyone has a good time visiting. We left earlier than usual because we were both tired from unloading the mulch.

I finished quilting one of Cindy's quilts and she says I'm only 19 behind. The down side is that I've been working on the easy ones, and still have the hard ones left, but oh well.

About the only to do left is to cover the garden with plastic, as Cindy won't be home to plant or take care of a garden, and Tammy or our daughter-in-law don't want to plant anything. They must not care about fresh out of the garden tomatoes or vegetables, their loss.

Devon has hid pinewood derby next Wednesday and we hope to go somewhere for a couple of weeks before Cindy's Dr appointment.

That's all I have to report, thanks for visiting.

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  1. Great news about the truck. One more thing done. We had wind today and about ten drops of rain. Only got into the 70's so it's almost chilly for us. I'm hoping you get to take off and go someplace fun.