Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Camperworld Update

Riverton, Utah High 46 Low 30

It is a lot cooler than I like. Wish our accountant would get through with the taxes so we would have the option of leaving again.

Before I get started on Camperworld, I would like to set the record straight about Coast to Coast. We have been more than pleased with Coast to Coast. We have the Premier membership, which most of the time we get into campgrounds for nothing or in some cases we have paid $5.00 per night and somewhere in between. If the campground is a Good Neighbor Park, it costs $15.00 per night plus sometimes extra for cable or WI-Fi. We still think it is a bargain. The staff at Coast to Coast have been more than helpful.

The problem is with our home Park, Camperword. They have 7 parks, that has gone down from the 10, when we joined. In about 2009, we were offered an chance to prepay dues for 8 years for $2200. We took them up on the offer, and still have 3 more years to go on this offer. Then in 2012 they came out with a deal where if you paid them an additional $6000.00, and with my age, we would never have to pay dues again. With it they gave you a one year Coast to Coast premier membership. The first year we didn't know what we had with Coast to Coast, but found out in Arizona, and now use it whenever possible.

Last night, while watching my favorite TV show, NCIS, we heard a blurb about a Utah Camping Company that was in financial trouble, and to watch the news at 10:00. We thought it must be Camperworld, and sure enough it was. They interviewed the Chairman of the board of directors, whom it was announced was resigning, and has since decided not to.

He announced that all their parks were closed and all staff on furlough. He said he hoped the members would pay the special assessment and bail them out. He stated that there are 4000 members, and by my calculations, if only 1000 of them took them up on the deal in 2012, then they took in about 6 million dollars. In his meeting on Monday, which he all of a sudden terminated, he stated that only 1000 were supposed to pay dues, so what happened to the almost 18 million dollars they took in?  One of their proposals was agree to forfeit any of the deals we had with them and dues would be $500.00 per year. This has since been taken off the table. They also claim it is against the bi-laws to open their books for member to see. What do they have to hide?

On the light side, on TV last night the announcer showed the Special Notice..they had spelled Important, Importaint, which has since the news cast been corrected, after the newsman pointed it out.

Needless to say, I am not happy with Camperworld, and have no intention of giving them any more money. I for one, will still probably go see whatever State Agency I have to, to find out what can be done. Cindy pointed out, they could special assess once a month if they want to, and not call it dues.

I, for one, would rather see them charge a small daily fee whenever someone goes into their park, and open the park to travelers when they are not full of members. They probably would have to be notified you are coming, and not just show up like it has been.

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  1. Sounds like some real mismanagement of funds going on somewhere by somebody in that organization.

  2. I wish we knew what is going on. They have taken in enough money to handle the problems over the last couple of years unless, there is more to the story they do not want to discuss. In going through the letters and paperwork of the last couple of years, I find the figures they have been giving out do not add up. it would seem the truth is out there, but where. The big question I have, if I write them a check for 880.00 and they still do not receive enough, will they just take my money and leave me high and dry, or would they return my check and then close the parks. Until I know that answer, there will be no more money. As for Coast to Coast, they have been great.