Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Camperworld

Riverton, Utah High 68 Low 46

It's starting to get warmer in the Salt Lake Valley. The prediction is for the seventy's tomorrow.

I have been working on a tee shirt quilt for one of our friends. Her husband likes to go to various motorcycle rallys, including Laughlin, Nevada, Oatman, Arizona, and Stergis, South Dakota. With all the different size and scenes on the tee shirts, I was quite a while quilting this one. She seemed happy with it.

Yesterday I went to the State Consumer Protection Agency to file a complaint against Camperworld. The receptionist told me they have many inquiry's about them, but that I was the first to actually file a complaint. She did tell me they were in the process of seeing what they could do, if anything. She told me it might be a civil problem. All I really want is for them to honor the contract I have with them. She told me there were a lot of unhappy people. No matter what happens, I don't plan on giving them any more money.

After Cindy hurt her back last July, we have been trying to get our health insurance to pay the Doctor in Alaska. In November they paid $181.00 of a $3300.00 bill, which we thought was unreasonable. We filed an appeal in November, and have tried numerous times to get them to make a decision, but hadn't got any real response. We have talked to the Doctor's office more times than I can count, trying to get them to accept a smaller amount. The account manager promised to check with the Doctor and would get back to us. I called the insurance company last week, and they told me they were still trying to negotiate with the Doctor, but he seemed unwilling to accept what they offered.

The bad part of this whole scenario, was that I called for pre-approval  of where to take Cindy in Soldotna, before we ever went in, and was told to go where we went. Cindy pointed out that I had not got it in writing. If something like this ever happens again, I will asked them to email exactly where we can be seen, so I would have it in writing.

Yesterday, I decided to go see them in person, rather than on the phone. Of course, the appeal was sitting on someones desk. The receptionist called whoever had the file, and she told me to have a chair and they would see what could be done.

After waiting more than half an hour, the receptionist told me they had decided to pay what they would have in Salt Lake, $2500.00 and it was up to me to talk to the Doctors office about the balance. I don't see why this couldn't have been done six months ago.

I called the Doctor's office to talk to the Account Manager and was told she would called me back, which doesn't work, as I can count on no fingers the times she has returned calls. I told the receptionist that she never called back, and she said she would put me through. I asked her if they would drop the interest, if I paid the remaining balance now, since all that had gone on, and she agreed to drop the interest. So after almost a year, Cindy can now relax about the bill from Alaska. We would have been more than willing to pay the not quite $500.00 way back when and not gone through all the aggravation.

Sorry this got so long, but thanks for visiting.


  1. As an accountant, I get all worked up when folks don't honor their commitments on contracts that they voluntarily make with me.... When they want your money they will bend over backwards, but it is amazing how quickly they forget once they have the check in the bank.... I wouldn't back off a bit on Camper World... Make um squirm!

  2. Boy do I agree with Rod. And no more money. You paid your share. What a hassle getting the doctor's bill taken care of. Thank goodness you are persistent.