Saturday, April 19, 2014

More Trailer Repairs

Riverton, Utah High 70 Low 48

Yesterday I decided to install a sub-panel on our inverter system. There have been times when we ran too many appliances and kicked out the reset switch on the inverter. I have read that you do not want to run all the electrical through the inverter if there is not a 50 amp switch in the inverter. The one we have does not have one that large. I ended up taking 5 plug circuits out of the main panel. It was a major change and that is probably why I was too lazy when I installed the inverter. It took most of the day, and I had a few little things to finish up today. When I got through, everything works as promised and I feel better about the system.

Scratching my head, wondering which wires to take out of the panel.
Now we are truly ready to go. Devon is running his pinewood derby car next Wednesday, which is a week earlier than we expected, so we probably go somewhere nearby for a week or so, before Cindy's Dr appointment on May 20th.

One of my brothers is here from St George, and another brother suggested we all go out to eat somewhere. They chose a Mexican place we haven't been to before. It was really good food and the waitress was super. We might have to go there another time.

Me, my brother Glade, His wife ReNae, my brother Garth that lives in St George. Garth had some of his golfing buddys with him, but they are behind the post.

I wanted to put some pictures of the various quilts we have finished since we have been home. One is one of the tops we found in the pile of fabric from the yard sale last week. There are two more exactly like it, and we had enough material for two backs. I got the first one quilted.

This shows the pattern we chose better.

This quilt is made from old ties.

This shows the pattern better.
I may have told this story before, but Cindy likes to make quilts out of small pieces. She took the first one to a class at one of the fabric stores. The teacher took one look at it, and told Cindy she was a sick puppy for making a quilt out of such small pieces. So forever after, we call the design, the sick puppy quilt. This picture is the third one she has made. They all have had different colors. I placed the quarter one one of the squares to give an idea of how small the blocks are.

Today the grand-kids colored Easter eggs for tomorrow. I guess they had fun doing it.

That's what we've been doing.Thanks for visiting.

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