Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pinewood Derby

Riverton, Utah High 75 Low 48

The weather is looking more like it should, but I'm sure it won't last, but enjoy while we can.

Cindy got a picture of me digging grass out of one of the flower beds yesterday.

I spent part of yesterday getting a new Iphone 5S. It took a while to get everything activated. Hopefully it is a faster phone and now I have Siri. Just what I need, another woman talking to me. lol

I also got our  taxes back from the accountant, and we got hit kind of hard because of the retirement money Cindy and I got last year. The payments got mailed today.

If you look carefully by Devon's little finger, you can see the holes where the lead goes in.
Today we went over to Alice and Jerrol's with Devon. Jerrol volunteered to help Devon with his pinewood derby car. We cut the car into the finished shape and then sanded it to finish the sides. Jerrol drilled holes in the block and filled them with lead to bring the weight up to the 5 ounces that is allowable. Devon got to do a lot of the sanding.

We took it over to the post office, where they weighed it for us, and found it was an ounce light. We went back and he drilled more holes and added the right amount of lead. He then used wood putty to finish off the holes. He told us it would have to dry overnight before it can be painted. We are going back over tomorrow to do the final sanding and painting.

While we worked on the car, Cindy and Alice worked on Cindy's Hummel  quilt. It is designed after one we saw in a quilt store in Fairbanks last summer. We both liked it, and when Cindy showed the pictures to Alice, between the two of them, they designed The quilt. We tried to buy the pattern from the store in Alaska, but all she would tell us was that she had made up the quilt, and didn't have a pattern.

Alice is using blues with the blocks, while Cindy is using greys.
Alice got her quilt finished, while Cindy is just starting out. She used different colors than Cindy is going to use. Today they got the finished applique pattern put on Cindy's embroidery machine. They also finish one of Cindy's blocks. The pictures below are Cindy's blocks.

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  1. I remember pine wood derbies. Jim usually got to be a judge. Pretty quilts.