Monday, April 28, 2014


Riverton, Utah High 50 Low 30

It has been cold and windy all day. This morning I moved the truck I sold from our driveway to the street and noticed ice on the water in the truck bed.

We drove over to Home Depot to get a couple of fence posts to tie our little plum tree up, and although we had sunshine, there was some snow (the awful 4 letter word) coming down. The snow level on the mountains is a lot lower also.

I wasn't going to talk about my experience selling the truck, but changed my mind. The first man that looked at it and acted interested, kept finding minor things wrong to complain about. He did ask how much my bottom line was, and then proceeded to offer a lot less. I told him what I would take and after a lot of hedging, he finally agreed depending on a mechanic's inspection. He then made an appointment with the highest priced shop in Riverton.

After their inspection, they found a few small things that might be wrong. They said the valve covers were seeping, the transmission oil pan was seeping, and a few other things that might be wrong. We are talking about a 14 year old truck with 104,000 miles on it. I guess he wanted a new truck for a used truck price. After the inspection, he asked the shop how much to do all the repairs, and they told him about $600.00 dollars. I was asking less than average trade in according to the NADA guide, and I think it was really in excellent condition.

As for the supposed oil leaks, the truck has been parked in my driveway for 2 weeks without moving, and had a spot on the driveway the size of a dime. Oh, how awful! Anyway, I told him I wouldn't come down on my price any and he said he guessed he wouldn't be buying it.  At that point, I was glad and told him fine and left with the truck.

Saturday,the man that ended up buying the truck, drove it maybe 2 miles altogether, and after looking at the engine and at the inside and the body, said it was exactly what he wanted, and asked how much would I take. I told him my bottom price and he agreed. He told me he would get a cashiers check and would have it to me by 9:00 this morning.

At almost 9:00 AM he showed up with a check and I signed the title and gave it to him. I couldn't believe the difference in the two men. I think the first one didn't know a good deal when it stared him in the face. He spent almost 4 days playing around, and the second took maybe 1/2 hour. I was totally upset at the first, and got back my faith in people with the second.

I guess you probably didn't want to hear about my troubles, but I felt like I had to share them.

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  1. I think sometimes we get in too much of a hurry to sell something but as your story shows - the right buyer is out there if we just give it a chance. I'm really glad you stuck to your guns with the first guy. Sounds like the truck went to the right home.

  2. Funny how different folks are at times. Glad you hung in there for a the right person sold it for what you wanted.