Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wind Damage

Riverton, Utah High 70 Low 37

We started out the day with both of us quilting. At noon Cindy had an appointment to have one of the ladies at the quilt store to help her with her embroidery program. At first neither one of them could get the program  to work, and then they decided they weren't pushing the buttons on the computer hard enough. Then everything worked as it was supposed to.

The weather this morning was overcast, but nice and warm. Then this afternoon the wind came up and got quite violent. The neighbors across the street weren't home and about half of their tree broke off in the wind. A lot of the neighbors got together and cut the large branches into pieces and moved them from the road.

I imagine they weren't too happy with the damage, but probably were glad that we had cut it up and got it in a pile off the street.

We have a little plum tree in our back yard that doesn't seem to have a very good root system. It was staked up, but blew over in another direction. We tied it up , but I don't know if it will make it.

While we were across the street moving the branches, the temperature must have dropped 20 degrees. By the time we got through it was chilly. It is supposed to be a lot colder tomorrow. There are thunder showers predicted for tonight.

The weather forecast for Friday is calling for more wind, and we will have to wait until next week to take the fiver out. We just heard a blurb on TV, that hurricane force winds are predicted. It doesn't sound like a good time to take the trailer out.

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  1. Stay safe Ray... Spring can be unforgiving !

  2. Definitely not the time to take the rig out. We had some wind yesterday but nothing like you had. Be safe and good luck with the plum tree.