Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finished Devon's Car and RV Repairs

Riverton, Utah High 72 Low 45

This morning we went to Alice and Jerrol's with Devon to finish up his pinewood derby car. Devon picked out a silver metallic color and got it painted. It looks pretty good. Jerrol came out to our house after the paint dried and put on the wheels. He used JB Weld to fasten the axles, and now they have to dry.


This afternoon I installed the battery monitor kit on the fifth wheel. maybe now we will know more about the charge on the battery when we are using the inverter. This compartment is getting full of stuff.

I got an email from a couple that had recently retired asking about going to Alaska. My best advice to anyone planning of going to Alaska is probably don't put it off. Yes it is a long way, but in my estimation, was well worth it. We drove about 14000 miles from when we left till we got home, and yes, some of the roads are not the greatest. But if you don't get in a hurry, and drive slow when necessary, the trip can be made without any damage. Fuel was more then at home, but the trip made it worth while. I know we saw and did things that are not possible at home.

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  1. Jim is installing a battery tender on our Bungalow. But we haven't gotten the batteries yet so he's kind of at a standstill.