Monday, May 8, 2017

Still Working on Getting Ready to Go

Riverton, Utah        High 68 Low 50

Last week it got up to 88 degrees one day, which was a new record for the day. That almost sounds like Yuma except it has been over 100 there. Fortunately it cooled down again.

We had Penny's hair cut last week and she has been cold ever since.

On our last trip out with the fifth wheel, I had several tire monitors that needed to be replaced. They were the brand that the battery was not accessible. So I decided to get another brand that the batteries could be changed by me. I paid about the same amount for the whole system as it would have cost to replace the sensors. Anyway, I finally got around to air the tires and installing the new tire pressure system.

I also got the fifth wheel lubed and ready to roll.

Last week  they had the annual Salt Lake Quilt show, which we attended. Since a year ago, the name of the show has changed and I don't know if different people are running it, but I didn't like the show as well as in the past. I also don't think they had quite as many entries as they have had before. (Only my opinion.)

We got our sprinkler system going for the summer, and we have had lots of broken pipes and bad sprinkler heads.

In between all of this, I got quite a few of Cindy's quilts quilted. I'm still behind, but the pile is definitely smaller. She thinks she is going to have lots of time to sew during the next 4 months and is taking lots of material for more projects. So I guess when we get back I will be behind even more again.

We are set to leave on Thursday for our 4 month adventure. I hope to write more again, as we travel.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. It seems we all have hobbies that create a lot of work.
    Next time you shut the sprinklers for the winter try blowing the system out with a compressor. we never had a problem in the spring time. Now we don't worry about it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your travels. Looking forward to reading about them.

    It's about time.

  2. We have to take the Bungalow in this week to get the bearings done so we're ready to take off whenever. Have a fantastic time and looking forward to sharing your adventures with you.

  3. Good to hear you'll be back on the road. I definitely know the "sprinkler" problem. Hugs to Penny!!