Thursday, May 25, 2017

Penny is Alive and Well and More Museum

Halstead, Kansas         High 81 Low 60

It was much warmer today but the wind was up.

Sorry about the misunderstanding regarding Penny. She is indeed alive and well. On the other hand, I guess I got some attention. Today we drove to the old town part of Halstead. I have a friend at home that asked me to watch for old license plates on our trip. There is an old Hardware Store that now houses antiques and I found him 4 license plates, a 1934, 2 1939, and one 1950 Kansas license plates. They we all for a price he was willing to pay.

Penny loves to be carried in her dog bag!

The ceiling of the building.

Another old building near the Antique Store.
We were impressed with all the old furnishings and cabinets which the lady owner told us were all original. She had lots of antique door knobs and handles.

Now back to the Hastings Museum. One section is devoted to old cars and buggies. All seemed to be in good condition. We found out that Sears sold cars under their name for a while. Interestingly they were made by Lincoln Motor Cars Works and were sold for way less than their competition.

 I noticed that a lot of the old cars were right hand steer and drive, some with tillers instead of steering wheels.

 This bicycle pump looked to clamp around the valve stem and for a penny, you got to fill your tires. The $25.00 you can see is a reward for catching vandles.

This car had left hand controls with a tiller on the outside. 

Another part of the Museum was devoted to Kool-Aid. It told a lot of the history of Kool-Aid from it beginnings to now. At some time the named changed from Kool-Ade to Kool-Aid.

My Mother-in-Law.

 I don't remember Kool-Aid in bottles.

I think the sign said 1960 Barbie.

Here I am answering a phone call.
We enjoyed the Museum and highly recommend it if you are ever in the area.

Thanks for visiting.       


  1. We're out here reading even if we don't always comment so don't scare us again. That's a great hardware store and I love those old cars. Kool-aid in bottles - never knew that. Always been in the little packages that we mixed with water.

  2. Agreed ... have never seen Kool-aid in bottles. Love seeing that cutie pie Penny!!