Friday, May 12, 2017

We Are Almost To Colorado

We had another good driving day, but drove a lot further than we’d planned. High winds were forecast in Rawlins this afternoon and tomorrow, so since we were in Rawlins by noon, we decided to drive to Cheyenne and stay in an RV Park with Passport America. This will make for a short driving day tomorrow.

Cindy got some pictures while we were leaving Dutch John before we got to Interstate 80. We drove 329 miles today, a lot of it on 2 lane roads.

We got to see a herd of Mule Deer last night where we were boon docked.

We also got to see some Pronghorns and so we didn’t miss anything in Wyoming, we also got to go through some of the perpetual road construction on Interstate 80. I don’t believe I’ve ever driven through Wyoming without some road construction on the freeway.

We are at the Terry Bison Ranch RV Park. There is a herd of Bison here and they have a train that will take you around the herd. We won’t do it because we are only here tonight and leave in the morning for somewhere near Denver. The sites are nice and long but are a little close together, but it is a nice enough Park. The people checking us in were nice and friendly and we had no problem getting into our sites. The lady in the office told us that all the sites are pull-through which made it easier.

After we got here I had to try some contact cement on some double edged tape on one of Linda's fenders. I had noticed it flapping a little bit when I passed her a couple of times. Hopefully the contact cement will correct the problem, if not she will have to replace the tape.

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