Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Candy Store

Brighton, Colorado              High 73 Low 44

The day started out very pleasantly. This afternoon it started to rain and for a while it rained very hard. The sky went from sunny and warm to black clouds and lightning.

Are you ready for this……..We went to the local quilt store in Brighton. Linda’s friend Nadine told us that it was the best store in the Denver area. All the fabric was $9.00 per yard, with the exception of 108 inch backing. We asked the owner how she could sell it for that price and she told us because of the volume.

It was a nice store and, yes, we bought some material. We then had to hurry back to the RV to go with Linda, their Mom, and friend Nadine to Hammond Candy Co.

From left, Cindy Linda, Linda's friend Nadine and in front sitting Linda and Cindy's Mom.

It is a large Candy Company located in Denver. It was family run from 1920 until 1999 when it was sold. It then grew from a small factory with 10 employees to a larger facility with 60 employees. In 2004 Hammonds moved to its present location with 35,000 square feet.

In 2007 the present president and CEO and a group of investors purchased the company and in four years doubled number of employees and production.

In 2010 Hammond’s purchased McCraw’s Candies, makers of flat taffy. They now sell candies in most of the states, including Costco, Sam’s Club and Trader Joe’s as some of their clients. The manufacturing plant in Denver is their only location.

We enjoyed the tour and were given a sample of Candy cane as we left the tour. There was a sign that said they hand craft 10 million Candy Canes per Year. We watched a video about the history of Hammond's Candy and then we got to see the process of making candy canes.

Of coarse the tour ended at the back entrance to the candy store. 

Right now it is still raining, just not as hard.

Thanks for visiting. 


  1. The heck with a candy cane. I want chocolate.

  2. It's funny how I lived in Denver for a couple of years and never saw anything but my apartment. Thanks for showing me the cool places I need to visit!!

  3. I'm going to have to add that to my wish list. Thanks for sharing.