Friday, May 19, 2017

Rainy Day

Ogallala, Nebraska           High 47 Low 38

It rained almost steadily today and was cold. The only good thing is it's not snowing like it is where we were.

I got kind of stir crazy, so we took a drive through the old part of Ogallala. We found some interesting wood carvings in front of a law office.
 These two were facing each other.
We also found a bronze statue by some old gas pumps that looked like an old gas station which now houses a tourist information center.

There are a couple of other museums and attractions in town that we will try to see tomorrow if the rain stops as it is predicted.

While we were out, we found a really nice quilt store. The lady running it said it used to be her's for the last 29 years, but that she had sold it last year because she wanted to retire. She was running it while the new owners were a a Pfaff Sewing Machine thing in Nashville. It was a very large store with lots of fabric which we resisted.
I hope we can do a few things tomorrow.

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  1. I'm like a dog when it comes to SQUIRREL!!! quilt stores. Just say the name and my attention is immediately distracted!! That's a beauty in your picture!!

  2. I cannot believe you guys "resisted" at the quilt store. Lol. Rain is better than snow but I still prefer sun. However we're going to the triple digits today and staying there until we can get out of here.