Friday, May 26, 2017

One More Museum (For Now)

Halstead, Kansas               High 83 Low 63

Today was warm and almost hot. It was sunny and no clouds.

On our way here we stopped at another Museum. This time it was at Wamego, Kansas. They have a Wizard of OZ Museum.
While we were waiting for Linda and their Mom, Cindy and I took a little walk and saw a neat old house. Cindy got a picture of it.
The Museum told a lot about the history of the Movie, The Wizard of OZ. We also watched a movie about the making of the movie and it talked about the different actors that played in the movie.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story with a few thoughts.

 There were a lot of different OZ Books.
 Interesting that the Munchkins earned less than Toto.

 How would you like to have a Dorothy and Toto cookie Jar?

 Neat Wizard of Oz quilt.

 Buddy Ebsen got sick afterward and had to drop out of the movie.

 We saw this sunset which reminded us of the ones we see in Arizona.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. Lots I didn't know about that movie. Making that tornado really took a lot of imagination.

  2. As a child i remember being in awe with that movie. Thanks for bringing back those memories.
    We're going to try to stop there to see it in the fall.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.