Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Moon Marble

Linn Valley. Kansas            High 85 Low 57

We made it to Linn Valley Lakes in about the middle of Kansas, north to South and maybe 5 miles from Missouri. The sites are very unlevel but are huge (good thing for level-up). All seem to be pull through. 

Last night I got to see fire flies again. There weren’t many in the RV Park, but Linda said the field across from her had a lot.

Today was a nice day but thunder showers are predicted for the next four days (40 to 50% chance).

We drove to Bonner Springs, Kansas to the Moon Marble Company. It is a sub-burb of Kansas City, west and south. We got to watch one of the glass artists make a decorative marble. He uses several different colored rods and shapes them into a marble. Some of them sell for a lot of money. Cindy’s Mom bought one made by him and some others in the store. They had lots of old memorabilia throughout the store. It was interesting to see.

If you enlarge this photo you can see some of the prices. It is dollars, not cents. We saw one for $75.00.
While Cindy’s Mom was getting from her wheel chair to the car, she broke the overhead hand hold and I decided I could fix it but needed a long rod. We stopped at Ace Hardware to get it and Cindy’s Mom said we had passed a quilt store, Since Quilt Stores are a mandatory stop, they let me off and went back to the quilt store. It looks like they had some nice quilts but Cindy didn’t find any material she liked.

Tomorrow we are going to a barn Museum.

Thanks for visiting. 


  1. Nice quilts. I love seeing the different styles from around the country ... and I've never heard of Moon Marbles. Thanks for the info!!

  2. I haven't been following along due to no cell phone service but if you get a chance stop at the Araba Steamboat Museum. You won't be sorry. Jerry's daughter, Sue Valentine is with our group and she helped her Dad.