Sunday, April 23, 2017

Getting Ready to Travel

Riverton, Utah        High 67 Low 45

We have been working hard to get things ready so we can take the trip with Linda and Cindy’s Mom. They plan on taking their motor home while we will take our truck and fifth wheel. Most of the time we will stay in Parks with Coast to Coast and a few days with Passport America.

Linda has planned about 4 months of travel through the mid-west and as far east as Ohio. Then we will go to Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, then ending at Rapid City before we come back to Utah about the end of August. I don’t mind winging it, but Linda likes to plan it out.

We have a few places we want to see again on the way. Cindy’s Mom wants to see most of the Great Lakes. It should be a nice time of year to travel where we are going.

I have had some sheet-rock repairs I have worked on which included painting. I still have to make sure the truck is ready to go. I got a new tire pressure monitor that I want to install on the truck and trailer tires.

I also worked on getting the place where the new water line got put in ready for grass seed. According to the directions on the seed, the daytime temperatures need to be from 60 to 80. Since it won’t be getting to 60 for about a week, I’ll have to wait to actually plant the seeds.

By the way, we plan on leaving on the 11th of May.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Had to laugh at the won't get to the 60 statement. 98 here today. It's hot. But we probably won't get out of here until the end of May.

  2. Sound like a fun journey for this summer. The great lakes area is very interesting and huge, lived most of my life very close to them. And still spend our summers around Lake Huron, maybe we will see you this summer.

  3. LOVE the Great Lakes ... sounds like a great trip!!