Saturday, July 26, 2014

What The He--?

Waterbury, Vermont High 77 Low 55

This morning Cindy went for a walk around the RV Park, while I got ready to leave. The words above are what she said to herself when she saw a Montana similar to ours pulled by a white truck leaving the Park. She thought for a moment that I had got ready to leave and was leaving without her. Then she noticed that there was no stained glass window in the trailer and settled down. When she got back she told me about it. LOL

We had a pretty uneventful drive to Waterbury. There was a lot of traffic going through Burlington, probably because of all the fast traffic lights. It seemed like only two or three cars got through before it changed to red. Cindy did get some pictures of some of Vermont’s scenery. One of the towns said it was first settled in 1791, a lot older than any in Utah.

Fire hydrant art.

Our first stop in Waterbury was Ben and Jerry’s. We had heard good things about the tour and wanted to see it. We also had been told that they allowed RVs to stay overnight in their parking lot, but that is not true anymore, but more about that later.

 We thought all these people were waiting to go on the tour, but they were waiting to buy an ice cream cone.

We took the tour and enjoyed it and the sample of ice-cream at the end of it.

We also wanted to see the Flavor Cemetery, where there are head stones to flavors, no longer in production. Some lasted for 10 years before being retired, while others didn't make it even a year. The guide told us about one flavor that hadn't sold a single pint, even though someone had it in their freezer for a while. I think some died because of what they were named.

The girl parking RVs told us that the grocery store a little way from the plant would let us stay in their parking lot, so we drove down and asked and were told “no problem”, so that’s where we are. The grocery store is Shaw’s if anyone is interested.

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  1. Leaving her behind would have been a big mistake:) I see Ben and Jerry's is still crazy busy!