Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ride in the Country

Homer, Michigan High 72 Low 48

Last night was nice and cool, which was great for sleeping. It rained part of the night, and when we woke up this morning it was a little cool.

The park was putting on a breakfast potluck and we went to it. We got to talk to some people from the park who own lots here. Two couples said they spent the winter in Apache Junction, Arizona. A lot of them went to Florida for the winter. All the RVers we talked to were very nice.

We drove to Marshall, Michigan to see a quilt store. It was on the main floor of the Marshall House, which was once a boarding house. It was a lot larger than we first thought and took up the whole main floor. On the way there we saw workers taking care of a lot of trees that either had branches blown off or whole trees that were down. The lady in the store, after she found out we are RVers, asked where we were during the storm Monday night. We told her and how much rain we got. She told us that they had winds from 75 to 100 miles an hour and a lot of places still don’t have power.

We took a ride on some of the back roads and saw lots of damaged trees. Cindy also got a picture of a neat looking old home.

She also got some pictures of the broken off trees.

Narrow country road.

While on our ride we came across a home with a bunch of stained glass panels on the edge of their grass. I have no idea what they were for other than decorations.

We then went to lunch at a Steak n Shake in Battle Creek. It was about the busiest fast food place we have ever been in. The food was good and we asked the cashier if they were always this busy. She said not normally, but because a lot of people still don’t have power from Monday night’s storm, they have been extremely busy. When we first went in we were too early for the two o’clock special of half price shakes. The waiter told us to eat and pay for the burgers and by then it would be after 2:00, and we could order the special shakes to go, and so that’s what we did.

This was on the barn at the quilt store.

We then went to another quilt shop that was so far out in the country we thought that there must be a mistake, but we finally found it. A lady was running the store, which was by her home, and she had quite a large inventory.

We then went back to Homer and went to an Amish Bakery. We also saw more damaged trees.

That was about it for today, thanks for visiting.

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  1. Steak n Shake is one of the better fast food places. I wish we had them in AZ.