Monday, July 14, 2014

Made it to New York

Gasport, New York High 77 Low 63

We had a nice drive from Ohio. This morning started out a little foggy but soon cleared up.

We stopped in Lockport at Manteelli Trailer Sales to have the fridge checked. After checking the problem, the shop foreman said it was what I had already decided, the high limit module was open, not the high limit. He had to wait for Norcold to get off lunch, and guess what? They told him to do exactly what I had already tried. The difference was he had to wait for a minute, and I hadn't waited. It reset and we were on our way with a working fridge. They didn't charge me for what they checked and I was most grateful.

We then went through what I thought was a back way through the town of Lockport. I thought Mabel (my GSP) had to be crazy until we made a turn onto the main highway and looked the other way and there was a bridge that said 12’ 4” clearance. So it seems Mabel knew better than I did. We are about 13” 4” and I would have hated to leave the air-conditioner behind.

We made it to the Niagara Hartland RV Resort using Passport America. It cost $16.00 a day plus electric for full hookups with 50 amps.  It seems like a friendly park and the manager/owner was very accommodating. We could have used the discount for longer, but are only staying 3 nights. He suggested we visit Fort Niagara in addition to Niagara Falls and we think we can visit both in 2 days.

 Earlier we saw some Guinea hens walking around, but weren't able to get pictures.

Some views of the RV Park.

I’m not sure which attraction we will see first. The only drawback to this park is no Wi-Fi, but hopefully my phone will work.

Thanks for visiting. 


  1. Lockport is a pretty town. Attended a wedding there many years ago.

  2. Do try to visit old Ft. Niagara - it's 1 of the best restored forts in the US and has a fantastic location right on Lake Ontario -- wonderful wonderful historic site with accurate interpretation of the history (something you don't see at many places.).
    Lynn - Kingston NY