Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sight Seeing and Fridge Update

Port Clinton, Ohio High 79 Low 63

We went sight seeing to the towns of Port Clinton and Marblehead. We saw the oldest continuously used light house on the Great Lakes. It was originally 50 feet high and is now 65. That doesn't seem very tall, but I guess it is tall enough. The light shines every 6 seconds at night.

View of Lake Erie from the base of the light house.

Large amusement park by looking the other way from the light house.

This is from the RV Park looking across the bay.
There is a small maritime museum by the light house. It had some interesting displays including a chart of the ship wrecks on the Great Lakes.

We also drove around the campgrounds here (Erie Islands Resort). There are many rental cabins which are built different than any I have ever seen. The foundation is probably 1/2 the size of the building above. The floor is cantilevered  on all four sides. I would guess to cut cost on the foundation?

We also saw a lot of Canadian geese on and by the ponds in the park. Every group of geese seemed to have one or two with their necks stretched out being look-out for the rest. It was interesting to see this in every bunch.

Some views from the RV Park.

While we were at the vegetable barn, part of it is a still. They advertise Moonshine. I would think they have to licensed with the State.

I called the RV dealer in New York near where we will be staying next week. I don't blame the dealer, but what a run around Norcold gave them. They wanted the model and serial number, which I expected,but since I hadn't mailed in the registration card to Norcold, they also wanted the Model and serial number of our Montana fifth wheel. All  of that is OK, but Norcold will not mail out any parts until the dealer does a diagnostic examination of the fridge. We are going to have to stop at the dealer on Monday on our way to the RV Park and let them check the fridge and then they will mail whatever parts are needed. The whole kit can't be worth more than $50.00, but they act like it is a large fortune. We only want to be there 3 or 4 nights, so we might have to stay longer while Norcold makes up their mind to send the parts. It's no wonder so many people are getting rid of recreational fridges and going with regular residential ones. I'm afraid that if I were home, my fridge would be one of the ones being changed. I don't know if we can run a regular fridge on Solar and inverter, but I would probably find out.

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  1. I can't believe Norcold can be in business and have that policy on parts. I would think with all the fires they had, there would have been law suits on the delay in getting the parts.