Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fort William Henry

Warrensburg, New York High 84 Low 66

It's a lot warmer today. We are not used to all the humidity.

Today we drove to the southern end of Lake George.

We wanted to see Fort William Henry.It is a lot more commercialized  That the areas around the other forts we have seen in New York. We also were disappointed that they didn't stress the History of the Fort like they did at the other 2 Forts.

Lake George is quite a large lake. There are several boat tours you could take, but we declined.

There are also horse drawn tours of the town.

We saw lots of people checking out the tourist shops.

Inside the Fort we got a demonstration on firing a flint lock rifle. We also got to see a cannon fired.

The Fort has several different museum inside, which include British, American, and Indian influence on the area around the Fort.

One of the guides told me that the Fort originally was built in 8 days. When the French captured and burned the fort to the ground, it lay in ruin until 1953, when it was decided to restore it. It took 5 years to rebuild.

Cindy got some pictures of me in the jail under the main part of the Fort. There also was a powder storage area under the earthen barrier.

We watch a video about 7 ships that the British deliberately sunk during the French and Indian War.
The place where they lay is now an under water National Site. Scuba divers can see signs about the ships under water. We thought that was interesting

One part of the tour, they let the kids dress up in old looking uniforms and then march for the adults.

In one of the displays about the Indians, they had a corn husk doll. And just for Jan, they had a turtle rattle.

It was an OK museum, although we thought a little pricey, and we enjoyed the others more.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. If you should get the chance there is another fort just north of you. Fort Ticonderoga. I don't recall the cost but great history, gardens and no comercialism. Also North of you is a wonderful museum on the history of the Adirondacks. Blue Mountain Lake Museum. Glad your enjoying the area. Safe travels.

  2. I love the turtle rattle!
    The photo of you in jail is precious.
    I agree Fort Ticonderoga is well worth the money. There is plenty of RV parking there, but as you enter you might not think so. They have used it for many movies.