Monday, July 7, 2014

Moved to Erie Islands RV Resort

Port Clinton, Ohio High 88 Low 70

We left the Park in Michigan at about 10:00 this morning. After we left the Park, we started to see broken trees from last Monday's storm. Some of them were very large. There were limbs and trees down through two towns. We had about a 3 hour ride to this park. There is a little sight seeing in the area, and we plan on playing tourist tomorrow.

This Park is a little south of the town of Port Clinton. There aren't many trees in the Park, and there are some full time people in the park. I had changed our Coast to Coast reservation and when we got here, the man at the gate said we weren't scheduled to be in until tomorrow, so I had to call Coast to Coast to straighten it out. Now all is good. We will be here for 3 nights.

On the way here we saw what we thought was a nuclear power plant, and when we passed it, It was indeed a Nuclear plant. We had never seen one before and it looked just like the pictures we have seen. We both thought that we wouldn't want to live near it.

We followed along the south side of Lake Erie for a while and Cindy got a picture as we crossed one of the bridges. It was a little foggy on our drive here today.

The next picture of of our site and the RV Park. There is a nice Recreation Center. Also the security guard told us they have a restaurant that is open Wednesday through Saturday That has really good food. I don't know if we will try it or not.

We are going to spend the evening relaxing.

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  1. You are correct. That is Davis Besse nuclear power plant near Port Clinton. Back before I retired, I visited that plant on business several times. The picture you showed is of the cooling tower, though. There are more cooling towers like that at coal power plants than there are at nuclear.

    Between the Navy and post-military employment, I worked in nuclear for 35 years, mainly operations and operations training. Though I have never lived next to a nuclear plant -- we currently live ten miles from the place I retired from -- I would not have a problem living right next door to one.

    1. I guess it's that we don't know anything about the nuclear reactors. All we know is about the horror stories, 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl, etc.....

  2. If you went west of Phoenix on I 10 you passed one there.

    1. Jan, I don't know that we have ever gone out I10 west from Phoenix. If so, we missed it.

  3. A relaxing evening is a good thing! Good for you.

  4. Nice big sites at that campground. I've actually been to Three Mile Island. Or as close as they would let us get. Do not want to live anywhere near a plant.